About Us

What we do: We are finance and HR professionals that are fed up with the employee healthcare insurance product being sold to our peer group. Seems like every year costs go up and coverages go down. So eight years ago we decided to do things differently and we have seen employee and employer healthcare costs go down 15-20%. Now we’ve decided to help others do what we've already done.

How we do it: We focus on a lowering costs by replicating solutions that other employers have already implemented. There is no reason to recreate the wheel. We just need to share between employers what is working and implement those solutions.

Why does this work: Unfortunately most companies are being sold products that are good for the insurance carriers and brokers/advisors that sell them, which causes companies and employees to overpay for their healthcare services. Have you ever wondered why a company spends 5,000 - 20,000 per employee on healthcare costs when most employees hardly ever see the doctor?

Meet the Founder

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Steve has a passion for learning a business and helping to solve its problems. He studied finance and international finance at BYU before launching a successful career. By the time he earned the title CFO, he was managing not only the company’s finances, but many of their HR initiatives, including securing health care. His natural curiosity and affinity for helping others to the best of his ability led him to earn his MBA, CPA certificate, and SHRM-SCP certificate. Lately he has taken this same curiosity and background in finance and human resources and applied it to the employee benefit industry. He became a licensed advisor in order to “peek behind the veil” and understand all the incentives in place. With this knowledge he is now helping employers replicate best practices and lower their employee health benefits with no impact to employees. And when he’s not helping businesses succeed, he’s at home spending time with his wife and seven children.