Million Dollar Ben Admin System

So a few months ago I met with a fellow HR profession.  She was rightfully frustrated with the ben admin system that her broker had offered her as part of their package.  It was clunky and created more manual work then it was worth.  So she decided to fire the broker and look for a new set up. 

The issue was she was trying to find two different things at once.  Most brokers I know can help you find a ben admin system, but they don't sell them.  If they offer a system it's one they've white labeled (usually Employee Navigator) and presented it to the clients as their system.  These systems are relative. 

Would you ever narrow your search for a home based on the washing machine?  Of course not.  Washing machines can be swapped and the price of a machine is immaterial compared to the overall home price.   With that in mind, why do we decide who our health insurance broker is based on their wellness program?  Or their benefit admin system?  Or some of the other petty things brokers use to differentiate themselves.   Remember what's  most important.  The overall price the company pays for the benefits it provides.  When you save money on this line, you can more than afford all of the other programs, staffing, etc.   I find that most folks do it backwards.  They pick a broker based on immaterial things. Then they complain about why their health insurance keeps going up every year.  Sometimes you get what you paid for (or in this case selected).