Confidently secure fair rates

In order to negotiate fair rates with your insurance broker, you need to understand how he works with your insurance carrier to set rates—and how he gets paid. But because the process is complex and heavily shrouded, you’re forced to trust your broker, hoping he’s getting you the best rates.

But he’s not, and we believe you deserve better.

At Summit Path Health, we demystify the process of setting health insurance rates and give you the tools needed to negotiate fair rates for your company. And if you don't save, we don't get paid.


What you'll get:

  • Transparency: We ensure you understand the process of how your broker works with insurance carriers—and how he gets paid—so you’re equipped to negotiate.

  • Honest numbers: We get under the hood of your plan to see what’s driving costs up, how it compares to companies with best-in-class plans and how you can cut costs.

  • Control: With the right strategies, tools and data, you’ll feel empowered to confidently negotiate with your broker to get a fair rate for your company.

  • Peace of mind: Rest easy knowing you secured the best rates, your employees are happy and your company is saving money.

  • Cost savings: You realize significant cost savings or we don’t get paid.


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