“Your event was interesting and insightful. I appreciate your direct, curious, honest, and humble approach to work. Thanks for sharing your journey with us!”

- Sarah Reeve, SPHR

“You humanized the subject. As an HR person I’m not a Finance specialist and most CFOs are not necessarily high on EQ. The fact that you had to study up to understand the benefits world made me feel better. So important for head of finance and head of HR to work together.

Write a book and promote it. I’d buy it.”

-Lara M Proffit

“You are a great presenter; you obviously had the knowledge and the competency hence the credibility was present. The humor and being able to relate to the audience who sometimes seem disengaged was very helpful. Your visual presentation was a nice touch ( I like charts!)

You know, our inner HR community is pretty conservative ( not politically) and when I heard you speaking, i thought to myself ” finally, somebody is speaking to the power, somebody is talking the truth about this rather ugly business”. Especially when you said “with the saved money, we could hire more people” so we can help retain our talent and prevent burnouts.

You are in a very unique position to advocate for the employer as a whole and its different departments .It is definitely a fine line to walk on, but please use your talent and knowledge to educate people.”

-Roja Abtahi-Sharifzadeh

“You’re great speaker! And gave a lot of insightful information regarding benefits.”

-Athena Pickett, SPHR

“I thought your presentation was very worthwhile. I have been involved with developing, implementing and managing benefit programs. It’s a topic near and dear to me.

The biggest thing I got out of your presentation is that a good program is a team effort. There are options out there that can be beneficial to both employer and employee but involve HR, Finance and a broker willing to look at options.

The chart indicating the cost increase over the years was a great visual of how things have gotten off track but is considered part of business. Thanks for giving us info indicating it doesn’t have to be that way.”

-Teresa Jorgensen, PHR, SHRM-CP