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Join Summit Path Group for our inaugural webinar Take Control of Your Company's Health Insurance. The process of negotiating premium rates with your health insurance broker is complex and heavily shrouded, so you’re forced to trust that your broker is getting you the best rates. But he’s not, and we believe you deserve better. This 30-minute webinar will teach CFOs and HR professionals how to negotiate lower premium rates for their employees.


The webinar will cover:

  • How health insurance plans are built and where you can cut costs

  • A behind-the-scenes look at how your broker gets paid

  • Tools that help you decrease your premium rates by 20% over five years
  • Summit Path Group’s formulas for success

Webinar Details

➤ August 15th  12:30 CDT

Duration 30 minutes

Webinar link will be emailed after registration.


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About your host

Steve Watson has spent his career working in finance, studying every aspect of how to successfully run a business. By the time Steve became a CFO, he was managing not only the company’s finances, but many of their HR initiatives, including securing health care. Realizing the system was broken, Steve became a licensed insurance broker and teamed up with a number of former brokers and CFOs to better understand the process of setting and negotiating insurance rates. He has since consulted dozens of companies on how to negotiate with their broker and secure lower insurance rates for their employees.